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Spring Roof Cleaning Tips

Spring Roof Cleaning Tips


Spring is finally upon us and while you may not consider cleaning or even checking your roof during every season, now would be the perfect time to do so. With the winter season behind us, there will likely be a lot of debris that can cause damage to your roof if not taken care of in a timely fashion. So, here are some tips to clean our roof now that warmer weather is arriving.


Clear Off The Debris

As mentioned earlier, due to the winter season, there is likely to be a build-up of debris which could also include mold and mildew growing. This can be damaging to your roof and even cause a roof replacement if left untreated. So, you can go about tackling this debris by using a rake to remove it by hand or you can use a leaf blower. Now, if this is something you do not feel comfortable doing safely, make sure you reach out to a professional like Greene Roofing to take care of this for you.


Examine For Loose Shingles

Snow and ice can be rough on your roof’s shingles forcing them to curl, separate, and in some cases, completely tear off. So, now that winter has passed, it is the best time to go through your roof and check on the shingles for any damages. If you happen to find something, be sure to fix it as soon as possible because leaving it could lead to water damage and mold. 


Check The Attic

You will also want to check the ceiling and attic for any signs of water damage or mold. This mold could be due to insulation or a ventilation problem if there is no leaking associated with it. If you do see any staining mildew, you will want to contact a professional who will be able to easily pinpoint the exact cause of the damage and make the repairs before they get any worse.


Check And Clean The Gutters

Typically, rainwater is supposed to flow through the gutters and the downspout system. If it doesn’t, this can lead to overflows which will cause you to have to clean the gutters. It is also possible for there to be granules or other materials from the roof within your gutters. So, make sure to check where those granules are coming from and determine if you need to replace any shingles that are becoming thinner because of the materials coming off. No matter how you go about it, this will be a daunting task that requires a lot of time and effort. 


It is critical that you check on your roof during these early moments of spring so that you can catch any issues that may have been left behind by the winter season. Some of these tasks may be things, many people are not prepared to do, so if you need professional assistance, be sure to call Greene Roofing today at (718) 941-1111!

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