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Cold Weather Roof Maintenance

Cold Weather Roof Maintenance

Winter has arrived and with it comes numerous elements that can place a lot of stress on your commercial roofing. However, there are ways to care for your roof and keep it maintained in good condition throughout the harshest of the four seasons. So, let’s take a look at some tips that you can implement to uphold roof maintenance during the cold winter months


Prioritize Inspections

One of your main lines of defense against roof damage will be regular inspections. It is recommended that you have your commercial roof inspected at least twice a year, having one inspection in the spring and another one in the fall. Having one in the fall is particularly crucial to help during the winter. It will give you insight on any repairs that need to be made before the winter months kick in, allowing you to get a head start on the things you would need to perform for preventative maintenance. So, if you haven’t already, be sure to schedule an inspection before it is too late and you run into some costly repairs.


Be Aware of Warning Signs

Another way to stay on top of your commercial roof maintenance is to constantly be on the lookout for any warning signs that might signal that your roof is in trouble. For example, blocked roof drains can end up preventing water from escaping your roof. Now, while this is a problem during any season, this is particularly important during the winter because the undrained water can build up and freeze which can accumulate a large amount of weight over time. Another warning sign to be aware of is icicles that hang from the gutters as those are signs of ice dams that can contribute to the previously mentioned issue of insufficient drainage. These ice dams can also cause their own damage in the form of harming eaves, shingles, and other roof system components. You will also want to prevent snow buildup on the roof, so take the necessary steps to remove the snow as soon as possible and as safely as possible. Finally, when it comes to the inside of the building, be on the lookout for any leaks and if you find any, be sure to contact a professional immediately.


So, these are just a few tips that should help you keep your commercial roof in quality shape during the winter months. Make sure, whenever you are performing any preventative maintenance, that you are doing so safely and if you need to, be sure to call for professional assistance. Greene Roofing is always available to help out in these types of situations, so give them a call today at (718) 941-1111!

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