How to Hire a Reputable Roofing Company

man on ladder cleaning house gutter from leaves and dirt

Given the past onslaught of bad weather in the Northeast, your roof is sure to have taken a beating recently. Taking proper care of your home is essential as it protects both you, your family, and possessions from the elements. Using an easier or cheaper route, such as trying to do your own repairs or hiring from a less reputable roofing company, can cost you far more in the long run in both finances, physical safety, and peace of mind. It’s important to hire a reputable roofing company that has years of experience, reliable qualifications, and proper equipment so that you can sleep easy knowing that your roof is well taken care of.

What questions should homeowners ask when hiring a roofing company?

According to the Roofing Contractor’s 2017 State of the Industry Report, the demand for roofing companies is on the rise and with so many contractors out there, homeowners may find it difficult to separate the quality workers  from the subpar ones. That’s why Greene Roofing recommends that you should ask the following quick questions to a potential roofing company before making a decision, because a few minutes spent screening over the phone can save you from a roofing disaster later on.

Are you licensed?

Make sure that the roofing company has an up-to-date license for the state that you are in. If not, you may be walking into a scam or risk working with a company with lower-quality supplies and less trained contractors.

Do you have insurance?

Ask to see an insurance certificate or policy (either in person or via email). This crucial step ensures that your roofing company has workman’s compensation and general liability insurance, so that in the event of an accident which leads to damage to your property or a worker’s injury, you are not financially responsible for the potentially enormous bill.

Will you remove my old roof or put down a layover?

Putting down a layover is the roofing equivalent of using a bandage when surgery is needed — it may be quicker and cheaper, but in the long run, will definitely be detrimental. A roofing contractor that recommends a layover instead of doing the harder work of removing the old roof first before laying down the new one (and thus, making sure that the roof lasts longer and is safer), may be looking to the interests of their wallet and own timeline rather than that of their customers.

Can I have a written estimate?

Some contractors may try to avoid providing a detailed estimate — and you should avoid them. It’s important to know that your roofing company can give you an expected cost up front that includes how much removing the old roof and adding the new one, and everything in between, so that you aren’t left while a substantially higher bill at the end. This step helps ensure you are working with a fiscally responsible company.

Will there be a project manager on site?

If you have concerns about the repair process, your roofing company should provide a project manager on site who can give you answers. This shows that they’re dedicated to being accountable and clear with the homeowner. There’s nothing more worrisome than leaving your home into another’s hands and not being able to figure out exactly what’s going on. Also a project manager oversees the project to make sure that your roof is up to manufacturer’s guidelines and law standards.

If you are looking to hire a reputable roofing company, contact Greene Roofing today for all of your roofing needs — we will make sure that you and your roof are taken care of every step of the way.

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