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How Does The Cold Weather In Brooklyn Affect Your Roof

How Does the Cold Weather In Brooklyn Affect Your Roof

We are right in the thick of the winter season. The weather is steadily dropping and the increased cold conditions can have a negative impact on your roof, especially for those living in the Brooklyn and NYC area as the winter can be pretty harsh over here. For your reference, it is important to look into how the cold weather can affect your roof.


Effects of Cold Weather On Your Roof

The first thing you will need to consider is the fluctuation in the temperature and these fluctuations can cause the roof to expand and extract significantly. This can also create stress on the roofing materials which will eventually lead to cracks and holes. Another aspect of colder weather to take into consideration is an ice dam. At times if it rains, once the weather drops, ice dams can form around the edges of your room. These ice dams are layers of ice that form particularly around drains and borders, and they prevent any snow or other precipitation from draining as they should. Ice dams can be very heavy, and even cause damage to your roof or your rain gutters. Finally, as you might be aware, you should be on the lookout for falling snow and ice. If you allow the ice and snow to accumulate on the upper portions of your roof, they could end up damaging your roofing system once they start to melt and fall.


Roofing Maintenance During The Winter

As we are pretty deep into the winter season, you can still try some DIY roof maintenance as long as you are safe. However, your best bet will be to seek professional assistance. First and foremost, you should look to schedule an inspection. This will allow a roofing technician to pinpoint any problems before they become worse. Here are some additional roofing maintenance services to look into to:


Clean Gutters

Your rain gutters can become full of debris or maybe they are not draining properly. So, a professional can come in and perform a gutter cleaning technique to remedy the issue and even reduce the frequency that your gutters get dirty in the future.


Roof Coating

Those with a commercial roofing system will benefit from a roof coating as a means to seal the roof against water damage and also reducing the amount of snow and ice that builds up during the winter months. 


So, if you happen to require any of these services or would like some additional information on how to best care for your roof during the winter season, feel free to reach out to Greene Roofing (718) 941-1111!

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