How High Winds Lead To Roof Damage

How High Winds Lead To Roof Damage

Many building owners are aware of the hazards caused by a storm, along with hail and tornado/hurricane damage. However, few realize that the high winds alone can cause major damage to the roof, requiring major repairs and even replacement. Wind gusts of anywhere from 75 to 85 miles can even lift roofing material from the decking if the membrane is aging or improperly installed. Loose membranes and roof edge metal can expose your roof to costly damage if not addressed before the next storm arrives. High wind roof damage must be dealt with immediately to prevent issues from worsening.


How Do High Winds Cause Roof Damage

Constantly changing wind speeds and direction cause the membrane of your roof to flutter and pull away from the decking. This allows dirt, leaves, branches, and other debris to blow underneath the membrane and further aid in the deterioration of your roofing underlay. With both underlay damage and membrane damage, you will likely need to replace large portions of your roof.


Assessing Your Roof For Wind Damage

If you want to assess the condition of your roof after any type of storm, your best bet would be to hire a professional contractor like Greene Roofing to perform a thorough roofing inspection. These qualified roofing experts will be able to determine any wind damage, the condition of your roofing system, and the integrity of the gutters and roof edges.


You may want to do a quick walk-through of your facility’s interior and exterior to check for any signs of wind damage prior to calling a roofing professional. If you intend to do that, be sure to look out for the following problems to let the roofing professional know about as soon as they arrive. These include busted or cracked skylights, dents or damage to the exterior, HVAC units, water stains on the ceiling, visible gutter, downspout, or roof edge metal damage, and downed trees or limbs near the roof.


These are just some of the more common symptoms that your roof is dealing with high wind damage, and any one of these issues should be corrected as soon as possible. If you do not notice any of these problems, but still believe your roof has suffered severe damage from a recent wind storm, be sure to call Greene Roofing at (718) 941-1111. One of their roofing experts will perform a thorough inspection and provide you with the information you need to get your roofing system back to functionality.

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