How To Protect Your Roof From Wind Damage

How To Protect Your Roof From Wind Damage

Whenever a storm lands in your area, your roof is the first to take the hit. Given the exposure, roofs are particularly susceptible to damage to any weather elements, especially if the homeowner is not diligent with their roof maintenance. Plus, with the summer season quickly approaching, the storms that come with it can cause a lot of sudden wind damage to your roof and before you know it, you may have loose roof shingles or in a worst case scenario, a hole in the roof. However, thanks to the advances in meteorological technology, we can now predict storms with a fairly high accuracy which gives homeowners plenty of time to inspect their roof and make sure that it is in good condition. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can protect your roof against any wind damage.

Nail Down Your Shingles

We are all bound to have loose roof shingles after a while, and when that happens, it is important to make them secure and nail them down as soon as possible. These loose nails tend to rust causing the edges of the shingles to come off. So, grab a hammer to secure those nails and also add caulk to the edges. If you are looking for added protection, you may want to install waterproof layers under the shingles. 

Remove Trees Near Your Roof

Another thing you will need to keep on your radar is whether or not the trees you have near your property can create a risk to your roof. For example, hanging branches over or near the roof can be dangerous projectiles in strong winds. Additionally, any fallen trees or tree branches can cause damage to your roof while also exposing you to the rain and wind. Keep in mind that branches that are moving wildly due to the wind can knock your shingles, gutters, or vents off. So, if you want to stay on the safe side, you should look to trim or remove any trees away from your roof. 

Secure Metal Roofing

Metal roofing can play a very important role in keeping your roof sturdy and there are a couple ways to achieve this. You can use bolts and screws, or you can use concealed chips. The goal is to keep the roof secure so that the wind does not cause any damage. 

Check Your Roof From The Outside

Checking your roof from the outside is a basic step that should be done on a regular basis regardless of whether a storm is approaching or not. This is because roofs are susceptible to rust, becoming loose, clogged, and even shaky. Most professionals will advise that you inspect the vents, drains, and gutters. If you are to find anything coming loose, you will want to attend to that problem quickly before it becomes a major problem, especially if a storm does come around because anything that is loose can end up becoming a flying object that can damage your property or your neighbor’s.

Inspect The Roof From The Inside

Once you have finished checking and fixing the roof from the outside, you will now want to check it from the attic (if you have access to it). It is recommended that for this portion, you wear protective gear such as goggles and gloves to avoid any injuries. From the inside, you will be looking to check whether the roof sheathing is secure. If it is not, be sure to take a hammer and nails and fasten it to the truss bracing. 

Regular roof maintenance along with some of these specific steps will ensure that you keep your home and your family safe. If you are in need of assistance or have any questions, please call Greene Roofing at (718) 941-1111!

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