Raising the roof: Auburn band playing Tinkers benefit for downtown church repair

Roofing for a Cause

Raising the roof: Auburn band playing Tinkers benefit for downtown church repair

Source: Auburn Pub

A good local cause recently got the attention of A.D.D.

The Auburn band will play a benefit Saturday, May 13, raising money to repair the roof of Holy Family Church’s gym. The roof was so damaged by a recent wind and rain storm that the North Street gym has been condemned, church parishioner Sandy Jorgensen said, preventing it from hosting the community functions that commonly take place there year-round.

Along with with food and prize drawings, Saturday’s Raise the Roof benefit at Tinkers Guild will see A.D.D. perform the kind of scattershot mix of rock, country, pop and more that its name alludes to.

The band consists of Pat Doyle and Myron Knuppenburg on guitars, Sean Conway on drums, Dave D’Alberto on bass, Paul Liberatore on keyboard and Chris Tezyk and Kristen Carnicelli on vocals. It formed about five years ago, D’Alberto said, and has featured its current roster for the last four minus Liberatore, who joined A.D.D. recently.

D’Alberto said the band formed from connections across the Auburn music scene: Liberatore performed in That ’70s Band, Carnicelli, Knuppenburg and D’Alberto in Punchdrunk, Tyzek in Thumb and Doyle in Mr. Slate. Conway, D’Alberto continued, is “the kid” of the band at age 27.

The diversity of the band shows in its setlists, D’Alberto said. He’s a fan of blues and jazz, others prefer jam music and yet others are more into heavy metal. The results are setlists that range from Led Zeppelin to Alice in Chains to Bruno Mars, sometimes with some disco along the way.

“We’re all over the place,” D’Alberto said. “We don’t stay focused on one different type of music.”

Though A.D.D. is a cover band, it’s not a cookie-cutter one, the bassist said. It doesn’t play songs note-perfectly, it plays them instinctively.

“We just let things roll,” he said. “We like to play off the top of our heads and not take it too seriously because it’s just a lot of fun for us.”

A.D.D. usually scales down its schedule in the summer, though it’s already penciled in a set at the second annual Nick’s Ride for HEAL under the tent next to A.T. Walley & Co. in August. The band looks forward to shows there and other outdoor venues more than most because of the higher energy level they invite, D’Alberto said.

“We just have fun,” he said. “If the crowd’s having fun, we’re having fun.”

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