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Four Crucial Criteria to Watch for During a Roof Inspection

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According to Home Advisor, the average cost of a roof repair in the United States ranges between $351 to $1349. For larger commercial buildings, this bill could be even higher. This is money that you could easily save by doing a thorough yet quick roof inspection. Though we understand that emergencies do come up, we believe that it is always better to do preventative maintenance to prolong the life of your roof for years to come. That’s why as August winds down and September approaches, it may be a great time to inspect your roof. Here is a handy checklist for some items to look out for during your next roof inspection. 

1. Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most obvious signs that your roof needs extra attention. For more detailed information, we wrote an article about this in May. Check it out!

2. Clogged Gutters

If you walk around your home and notice that your gutters are clogged with piles of dead leaves or even granules from your shingles, then your roof’s water clearing system may be compromised. In addition, if your roof’s surface has more moss and algae collected than usual, this is a warning sign that your roof may be decaying and therefore, more susceptible to water damage. If you notice either of these signs, take extra precaution to look for water stains and leaks.

Furthermore, if you are doing a roof cleaning (which we highly recommend!) and notice that your gutters are sagging or rusting, or that your downspouts are tearing away from the main infrastructure, this is a sign you need to repair them.

3. Poor Shingle Health

If you notice that your shingles are curled, blistering, buckling, broken, or even missing entirely, which can happen often as a result from hot weather or heavy precipitation, this should be addressed immediately. In addition, look for something known as granule loss. This is an industry term used to refer to the amount of graininess or texture on your shingles. If they seem worn down, which is a common result of harsh storms or aging, then consider replacing your shingles. When your shingles are damaged, your roof is at far greater risk for damage by the elements.

4. Worn-Down Flashing

Flashing is a wonderful tool to divert water away from your roof and make your roof more weather resistant. It’s mostly installed around chimneys and vents, such as your fan or plumbing vent stacks. If you notice during a roof inspection that the missing pieces of flashing, loose areas, cracked caulk, or rust spots, then it may be time to replace your flashing.

A home or business owner who is committed to preserving the longevity of his or her roof should always keep these signs in mind when they’re doing roof inspections. Knowing what a properly maintained roof should look like can save you a lot of time and money further down the line. If you want a professional’s opinion on your roof or a trusted contractor to implement new repairs or installations, count on us. Greene Roofing has been around for over 80 years and our customers always know that they can rely on both our character and expertise to deliver quality results at a reasonable price. Contact us today!

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