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5 Warning Signs You Have Roof Problems That Need Immediate Attention

Damaged and old roofing shingles on a house

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you know what they say: be thankful for a roof over your head. And rightfully so! But like most things in life, roofs are not infallible. Rather, they require regular checkups and steady maintenance, especially in Brooklyn and the New York area, which are prone to extreme weather.

Roof problems are notoriously innocuous. Minor problems tend to escape our notice. Before we know it, some serious reparations need to be done. If you have noticed any of the following signs, chances are you might want to call a professional to come in.

Sunbeams In Your Attic

Sunlight streaming in through the slats may sound romantic, but this is definitely not a good sign for your roof. Inspect your attic during the daytime for light peeking through, as well as any streaks or stains. Any of these signs may indicate a leaky roof.

Look At The Shingles

Shingles are the tiles on your roof. Regardless of whether they are rectangular or circular, they are supposed to lie flat. Take a good look at your shingles and be on the lookout for curling edges or cracks. If you see patches of discoloration or loose granules, that means your shingles are coming to the end of their useful life. Loose granules typically accumulate in your gutters and downspouts, so do not neglect to examine those areas.

Examine The Roof Flashing

Roof flashings are meant to prevent water damage and leakage. In older homes, they are usually made from roof cement or tar. If you have these types of flashings, you might want to consider upgrading to metal flashings, which are more durable over time.

A Sagging Roof

This one is a no-brainer. Take a few steps outside of your home and check to see if your roof is sagging. A sagging roof usually indicates water damage and rot. A proper roof should be straight and sturdy. Keep in mind that sagging may only occur in spots. Pay extra attention to lower points in your roof.

Moss And Mold

Green life is cute, but not on your roof. Moss and mold thrive in moist environments and are clear indications of unwanted moisture. Make sure your roof is the clean slate it should be.

Don’t Let Roof Problems Become Roof Catastrophes

With the snowy season quickly approaching, it’s important to keep your roof in tip-top shape in order to prevent serious and even life-threatening problems. With the weight of added snow, a roof in poor shape increases the risk of collapse. Heavy snows in the 2010-2011 season caused nearly 500 roof problems in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island. Of these, 382 were full or partial collapses. Protect your family and property from these risks and fortify your roof today.

If you’ve noticed any of these problems on your property, it is in your best interest to contact a professional roofing contractor today. Time and time again, Greene Roofing has been praised by satisfied customers for their professional service and top performance. They are a Brooklyn-based contractor specializing in flat and shingle roofs and can give your roof the very best.

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