Top Seasonal Roof Maintenance Tips – Call Us Now – (718) 941-1111 – Greeneroofing Brooklyn, NY


Top Seasonal Roof Maintenance Tips – Call Us Now – (718) 941-1111 – Greeneroofing Brooklyn, NY

As a homeowner, you should always check your roof in the spring and fall for any damage or to catch any potential problems early on to prevent costly repairs.

Here are some great tips to follow. Make sure that you have a safe, sturdy ladder and placed on level ground before performing any inspection of your roof.

Roof Inspection

Inspect Roof

Visually inspect the roof for any shingles that are missing, curling, buckling or blistering especially after a big storm.
If you have a chimney or skylight, check for loose material, holes, or water damage around them.
Check for signs of algae or fungus.
Check metal areas for any rust. If rust has developed, wire brush it, prime, and repaint the metal.
Examine the flashing to ensure that it is solid. If it’s not, remove the old caulk, scrub the area clean, and reseal.
See if there are any cracked caulking or mortar around chimneys and joints.
Remove any overhanging tree limbs that are too close to the house.

Clogged Gutter

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Inspect the gutters and downspouts for any debris or damage. A clogged or damaged gutter could cause leaking, puddling, and potentially cause structural damage. Scoop out leaves and other major debris and scrub them. If needed, install gutter protection to help debris from getting into the gutters.

Ceiling Water damage

Check for Water Damage

This is one step that often gets overlooked. Check the interior walls of your home including your attic for any signs of dark spots on the ceiling, mold, or dampness. This could be a sign that you have had a leaky roof and you should take action immediately. Roof leaks get worse over time, not better.

It’s important to take the time to inspect the roof, at least two times a year or hire a roofing contractor to do the inspection for you. Be sure to check out our tips on how to choose a roofing contractor.

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