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Winterizing & Preparing Your Commercial Roof For Ice & Snow

Winterizing & Preparing Your Commercial Roof For Ice & Snow

Winter is right around the corner and will be here before you know it. So, now more than ever is the perfect opportunity to make sure that your roof is prepared for the upcoming season. Hopefully, by now, you have had a thorough fall inspection on your roof, and if you haven’t, you still have time to do so and make sure any issues are cleared and in good shape for the winter. Failing to do so can be a recipe for disaster. So, here are some more tips on how to best prepare your commercial roof for the ice and snow of winter.


Cold Temperatures Increase Risks

Failing to find and repair any existing deficiencies is one of the biggest risks for premature roof failure. Defects in flashing and sealant failure at penetrations are some of the leading causes of leaks. However, keep an eye out for splits in the membrane, separation at seams, ridges, blisters, and deterioration, as these are additional red flags that you will want to address before winter arrives. Giving your roof the attention it needs now will save you a lot of money and stress down the road.


Roof Coating Protection

If you have single-ply membranes that are nearing the end of their life, you will notice that they can be brittle and more prone to leaks. So, entering the winter season with an old, multi-patched membrane can be quite the gamble. For this reason, you may want to apply a roof coating that would extend the roof’s life and protect it from the wrath of winter. You can also use coating for aging metal roofs. Now, it is important to keep in mind that not all roofs may qualify for coating. However, if yours does, then this is a cost-effective way to protect it from the upcoming cold season. The professionals at Greene Roofing will be able to inspect your roof and perform any necessary repairs before applying the coating. You have to be sure that you use a reputable company with experience in applying high-quality coating in order for it to be effective.


Have A Snow Plan

The winter season is bound to bring snow with it and excessive snow on the roof can be a major hazard and even cause the roof to collapse in extreme cases. Therefore, you will need to protect your roof with a proactive roof snow removal plan. Fresh, lofty snow can add up to twenty pounds of weight per cubic foot, and wet snow, or even partially thawed and refrozen snow can add as much as sixty pounds per cubic foot of weight. Be sure to have heavy snows removed immediately. This is another job that you will want to leave to a professional in order to prevent any further damage to your roof and reduce the risk of injury.


So, these are some ways to ensure that your roof is protected and in working order as the winter approaches. Many preventative measures are best left to the professionals to ensure quality and effectiveness, so be sure to reach out to Greene Roofing today for an inspection at (718) 941-1111!

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