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Roof-Friendly Tips for Hanging Holiday Lights

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Gleaming lights are almost synonymous with the Christmas season and some houses’ decorations have gotten so popular, they’ve even become tourist attractions (Dyker Heights, we’re looking at you!). While you may want to go the extra mile to make your house the brightest on the block, it’s important to keep safety in mind for both you and your roof while hanging holiday lights so that those lights don’t cause any damage. After all, decoration related injuries ranked as the number one cause for emergency room visits around the holidays! Here are some tips to keep in mind for a beautiful and safe holiday season!

Watch Your Step! 

Your roof may seem sturdy enough to walk on, but any additional pressure shortens the lifespan of your roof and increases the risk of damaging the materials. We highly recommend using a ladder to hang your lights rather than walking on your roof.

However, for certain homes that are inaccessible via ladder or for owners that are committed to that extra Christmas shine, if you need to go on the roof directly, wear light soled footwear such as sneakers rather than your hefty work boots. Make sure to walk across the peaks of your tiles rather than the valleys, where the materials are the weakest. In addition, as with all roofing matters, go the extra mile to be vigilant with your safety. Do not go on the roof if there is any snow – it simply isn’t worth the risk of a fall.

Place Your Ladder Against the Wall, Not Your Gutters! 

The taller the better, you may think, for your ladders. However, if your ladder is so tall that it ends up resting on your gutters rather than the wall of your building, it is in a far more precarious position. Your gutter isn’t designed to sustain the weight of you leaning on it, so you risk it cracking and even tearing away from your roof (which can cause even further roof damage). However, the most dangerous risk you’re taking is that if your gutter breaks, your ladder could fall!

Clips Are the Way to Go! 

We see too many roofs pockmarked with old nail holes, staples, or even hot glue residue from holiday pasts. These may seem like simple solutions to hang your lights, but not only do they make removing your lights more frustrating, they also are likely to lead to leaks, water damage, and chipping in the future. Once you damage a shingle, you’ll have to replace it so save yourself the hassle and go with clips! Affordable light clips are easily found in most home stores and are specifically designed to safely clip lights onto your roof or gutters without leaving any permanent marks. Another great tip is to clip the lights on the ground first to make it even more efficient or even buy pre-clipped lights! We recommend clipping it onto the gutter rather than the roof itself but either way is a much better option than using a staple gun to get the job done!

We love a beautifully decorated house as much as the next person but as the roofing experts in New York, we want to make sure that you are taking proper care of your roof while hanging holiday lights so that it can outlast the season! Whenever you have a question or need a professional for your roofing needs, contact Greene Roofing. Our customers love our professionalism, quality, and honest hard work! Have a great holiday from our family to yours!

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