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5 Key Things to Know About Waterproofing


There are 5 very important things to understand about waterproofing details:

1.The city inspector does not inspect for them. They have plumbing inspections for health, electrical inspections for safety, insulation inspections for energy requirements, framing and concrete inspections for structural integrity, and even drywall nailing inspections to ensure quality control. But there is no box to check on your job inspection card for waterproofing.

2.There aren’t that many contractors who know how to do them correctly. There are no classes, no certifications; nothing to teach contractors how to properly install a window, put flashing under a door (door pans), or waterproof an exterior deck over a living space so that they don’t leak.

3.The average lay person does not know how to tell if their contractor is doing them correctly. And why would they? Only people who have been doing this full time for decades can lay claim to the title of “expert”. The number of possible building conditions and emerging new products make it very difficult to have an extensive knowledge “database” of current proper means and methods.

4.Water Intrusion is, without a doubt, the single biggest repair cost for wood-framed structures. Unexpected costs are never welcome and these least of all. Your construction budget should be for things you enjoy, not things you don’t.

5.It costs more to do it right. On rainy days like we are having this week, expect to see imperfections to show in your recent job.

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