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3 Surefire Ways to Keep Your Roof Cool in the Summer

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With this upcoming season’s forecasted scorching high temperatures, you’re bound to hear the expression, “It’s hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk!” Did you know, though, that the standard roof can reach 150°F or more in the summer? Your roof is likely to suffer severe heat damage over time, especially if not routinely maintained and inspected, and rack up cooling costs for your overall home. Here are some sure fire ways to keep your roof cool this June!

  1. Inspect your roof for missing shingles

Shingles are the first layer of protection your home has and just like our skin in the summer, if they aren’t properly taken care of, they can easily become dried out. This may lead to curling and cracking, and weaken the overall health of your roof. A common problem is that rainwater can collect underneath the shingles and worsen the heating situation in your home as well as wear down your roof. (If you want to learn more about water damage, check out last month’s article!)

Doing a quick visual check on your roof is an effective way to gauge if there’s an immediate problem but issues such as worn down shingles with lessened granules may be harder for a layman to spot. Before large parts of your roof or even the whole roof needs to be replaced, it is simpler to schedule a regular professional inspection and have shingles replaced as needed. Furthermore, qualified companies can help install a proper underlayment and recommend sturdier shingles that are more resistant to UV exposure damage, which can add to the long term longevity of your roof.

  1. Pressure wash your roof

When was the last time you gave your roof a much needed cleaning? For many homeowners, it’s been a while. In the meantime, unwanted debris may be collecting. This situation can worsen in the summer, where the combination of heavy rains and blistering heat can promote the growth of algae and moss on your roof. This can trap additional moisture and rot the wood over time, which threatens the structural integrity of your home and makes it hard to keep your roof cool enough. Before your home sustains hefty damage, contact your roofing company to see if they can pressure wash those moss collections away.

  1. Check on your attic’s ventilation

Have you been cranking the AC a bit higher these past years and noticing your cooling bills are soaring? The uppermost layers of our homes can get quite humid and hot in the summer because as hot air rises, it meets the additional moisture that might be trapped by the moss on your roof, as mentioned earlier. Like your home’s sweat wicking T-Shirt, ventilation is a great tool to keep cool in the summer. Without an effective ventilation system, this steady humidity can not only damage the wood as well but also increase your cooling costs. If your attic seems like it could benefit from a ventilation repair, contact a reputable roofing company to whether a vapor barrier, venting, or insulation is the right fix for your home.

Keep Your Roof Cool For A Relaxing Summer

Your home should be an oasis for you to relax in! However, if your roof isn’t properly maintained, both you and your wallet may feel the heat. Use these tips to determine whether it’s time to contact an expert for repairs or cleaning. Visit Greene Roofing, a trusted roofing company with decades of experience, a reputation for honest work, and detail oriented skilled work, for more information today!

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