NYC teen girl plunges to death attempting roof-to-roof jump


Source: Foxnews

A 15-year-old girl died on 1/15/2016 Friday when she plunged six stories from a Manhattan apartment building while trying to jump from one roof to another, cops said.

Natalia Jimenez, who lived in Chelsea, was hanging out after school with two pals on the roof of the Hell’s Kitchen building when a tenant confronted them, telling them to get inside, according to law-enforcement sources.

Instead, Jimenez ­attempted to leap from the building onto another roof. But she slipped on the ledge and fell into a small space between the buildings on Tenth Avenue between West 47th and 48th streets.

“She was the best girl a mother could have,” her mom, Agatha Mangano, said at their apartment Friday night. The distraught mom added that her teenager was “good hearted and friendly.”

A neighbor at the scene of the fall said people would go to the roof to enjoy the view and to party.

“People hang out up there all the time,” said the neighbor, Justin Lipper. “I always feel unsafe going up on the roof because I never know what I’m gonna find.’’


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