Roofing in the Summer Heat

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Roofing in the Summer Heat

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Roofing when the temperatures get well into the 90’s and hotter can be a challenge to anyone installing a roof. From my perspective being a installer for many years it is a surprise how the body adapts to the heat as long as there are gradual climbs in the higher temperature. I definitely would suffer when working in reasonable spring weather, then, having a big jump into the 100’s.

So what roofing tips can we give for those that working in the hot summer months?

Drink plenty of water to hydrate your body.

Wear a light colored shirt. This helps reflect the heat away from your body. Darker shirts like black red and green for example, absorb the heat and can raise your body temperature.

Wear a hat. This also helps cool the top of your head. In extreme heat, keeping my head shaded throughout the day would keep me cooler. When taking a break a splash of water thgrough my hair is very refreshing and is just like how our bodies produce water to cool it down.

Using tools with wood or rubber handles. Grabbing a metal flat bar or cats paw setting in the sun, will burn your hand no matter how tough you think you are.
When roofing on steeper roofs, the shingles can get scared or marked up from traffic or working in one area too long because the asphalt gets very soft. Here Ronny Roseveare uses a Slator Roof Bracket for safety and a working platform.

Always use personnel fall protection. If you faint because of the heat at least you won’t fall off the roof if you pass-out.

We work around metal we nickname flashings because when the summer sun hit them they flash into our eyes. Wearing a good pair of shade safety glasses is a great way to protect your eyes from the bright sun and flying objects.

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