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What To Do When Your Roof Leaks

Water dripping from ceiling into plastic bucket on floor in living room. Leaking roof

In last month’s blog, we detailed several preventative measures to prepare your roof for the stormy season. If you, for whatever reason, could not heed our advice, you could very well face a serious roofing problem. Roof leaks are no joking matter, so it’s important to act swiftly and accordingly when you notice one. Not sure what to do when faced with a leak? Here are a few tips:

Move All Furniture

Water damage is something you want to avoid at all costs, which is why we suggest clearing the area of anything that may be susceptible. We’re talking couches, tables, nightstands, lamps, electronics — anything you think you should protect should be moved. Roof leaks can ruin everything we listed and more, and that is the last thing you want to happen to your valuables. The only way to ensure nothing gets damaged is to move everything several feet away from the leak. Once everything is out of the way, then you can move onto containing the water.

Contain The Leak

This may sound obvious, but you’ll want to minimize the spread of water as much as possible. You’re already going to need repairs to your roof, but you can still fend off damage to the rest of the house. So, do what you must! Place a bucket or garbage pail on the floor, lay towels around the area, and be sure to replace your materials to prevent buckets from overflowing and towels from getting too wet. Be sure to wipe the floor of any water. You don’t have to overthink it; just do everything you think you should do! If you want to relieve water pressure from a bulge in your ceiling, you should poke a hole in it. Yes, you read that right. Poking a hole in a watery bulge will actually stop rainwater from spreading throughout your ceiling, which could lead to even more leaks. Preventing severe damages always starts with you!

Hire A Professional

Once the rain and the leak have subsided, that is when you call a roofing specialist for repairs. There are plenty of steps you can take to minimize the damage from roof leaks, but when it comes to fixing your roof, that is best left to the professionals. A team of roofing experts is your best option towards getting your roof back to a stable state. Don’t just call anyone, though! Be sure to call the leading experts in roof repair: Greene Roofing! Call us at (718) 941-1111 or visit our website to learn who we are and how we can help you!

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