How To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Roof

How To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Roof

Anytime extreme weather hits, whether it is during the winter or the summer months, it will bring increased energy costs due to the extended use of the household’s heating and cooling systems. Now, there are plenty of ways to reduce the energy costs in your home, however, energy-efficient roofing can be one of the most effective ways to lower costs because the roof is the home’s first line of defense against the elements. So, let’s take a look at a few ways to improve the energy efficiency of your roof. 


Adequate Attic Insulation

One simple and inexpensive way to improve your roof’s energy efficiency is by making sure you have adequate insulation. If you have a poorly insulated attic, your home will not have the protection necessary to fight extreme temperatures and keep energy costs down. This applies especially to older homes that typically have less insulation than homes built recently. Keep in mind that while adding new insulation will provide some benefits, you also need to know the optimal amount and the type of insulation you need to use. 


Cooling Roof Coating

Another tactic you can use to improve the energy efficiency on your roof is by adding a cooling coating to the roof. If you have ever worn black during the summer, you would know the impact that dark colors have on heat retention. This concept also applies to your roof as the darker the roof, the more heat is retained. By coating your roof, not only will you reduce heat energy costs, you will also increase UV and waterproof protection for the roof along with extending its life.


Using Energy Efficient Materials

Adding insulation and roof-cooling materials are great inexpensive methods to improve the energy efficiency of your roof, however, sometimes you might be left with roofing replacement as your best option. Now, when adding a new roof to the home, make sure that energy efficiency is a primary factor in your decision. There are numerous energy efficient roofing materials for you to choose from and use such as metal roofing. While it may be more expensive than shingles initially, they provide significant savings in energy bills over the lifetime of the roof.


These are some of the easiest and effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of your roof. If you have any further questions or would like professional assistance in any of these methods, feel free to call Greene Roofing at (718) 941-1111!

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