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5 Ways To Avoid Summer Roof Repair in Brooklyn, NY

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5 Ways To Avoid Summer Roof Repair in Brooklyn, NY

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, not for dealing with a major roof repair because of all that sun. Did you know that your roof can reach up to 150 degrees in the summertime? Especially if you live in an urban area like Brooklyn, Queens, or any of the boroughs of New York City, you will want to think about your roof this summer.


While it’s meltingly hot everywhere, cities in particular suffer from extreme heat in what is known as “heat islands.” According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), cities with one million people or more, such as New York City, can run 1.8-5.4 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than surrounding rural areas. All that heat gathering in your home requires you to turn up the air conditioning, which can cause a build-up of condensation on your roof and increase your risk for leaks. More air conditioning usage also means more energy usage, which is not great for the environment or for your wallet.

In addition to environmental concerns, the strong sun of the summer months can cause cracked shingles, dried out tar paper under tile roofs, and in general contribute to weak spots. When that thick, sticky summer humidity bursts into heavy rains, those cracks and weak spots are going to allow for dreaded leaks. Even commercial roofs, which are often made of stronger materials than residential shingle roofs, can become damaged during severe heat. Leaks in your place of business can be disruptive and require expensive roof repair, not to mention costly in lost work time. Prevention and roof protection is definitely the way to go.


  1. Light color vs. dark color.  If you are putting in a new roof or replacing your roof, now would be a good time to consider your roof’s color. Dark roofs are popular, but they absorb more heat than they reflect. A light colored roof reflects heat well and helps your home stay cooler by several degrees. Keep in mind, however, that if you live in a climate with cold winters, a dark roof will keep you warmer and help the snow on your roof to melt.

  2. Cool roof option. Most roof materials come in a “cool roof” option. A cool roof is manufactured with a special coating or using particular methods to maximize the roof’s reflective ability. Cool roofs keep your home more comfortable in the summer and lower your energy usage, making them better for the environment and saving you money in energy bills. An experienced roofer may be able to turn your already existing roof into a cool roof.

  3. Reflective paint. Your roofer can often add a special paint or coating to your roof to increase your roof’s reflective ability, keeping it cooler and avoiding the need for costly roof repair while you are trying to enjoy your summer.

  4. Ventilation and insulation. All other factors aside, if you have proper ventilation in your roof and appropriate insulation in your attic, heat will have an easier time escaping and the temperature in your home will be much more comfortable. Contact your roofer to make sure your roof is ventilated the way it should be.

  5. Regular roof maintenance. With regular roof inspection and maintenance, you will be able to catch any problems while they are small and easily fixed. It is important to schedule an appointment with your roofer periodically to save yourself the stress and financial burden of dealing with major roof damage and leaks.


At Greene Roofing in Brooklyn, NY, our expert roofers are happy to maintain and prepare your roof for the extreme heat of summer. We have been serving the Tri-State Area for over 80 years and understand the way weather in NY, NJ, and Connecticut affects commercial and residential roofs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your roof stay strong and secure no matter the weather conditions.

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