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Hurricane-Proof Your Roof: The Ultimate Guide To Hurricane Roof Protection

Hurricane Roof Damage

Hurricane season is upon us and won’t head out until the end of November, which means several strong wind and heavy rain events are possible for the next few months. Aside from keeping your fridge and pantry stocked, there are important preparations you can do to keep your home ready for the next big storm. Hurricane roof protection is one of the most crucial precautions you can take to help your home and family stay safe during the peak of Hurricane season. Below are the best ways to help your roof weather the weather.

Inspect Your Roof. The uplift effect of hurricane winds can actually pull shingles, or even the roof deck, right off your house. You can prevent serious damage to your roof by getting an inspection done or by inspecting it yourself – from the outside AND the inside. Check for any loose or curling shingles, nails that are not secure, and any cracks or gaps (cracks and gaps may be best detected from inside your attic). Add roofing cement to the ends of shingles. Replace any missing nails or nails that are not hammered in well.

Clear Away Branches. Branches can smack against your roof during high winds, so make sure to keep them away from reaching distance to your house. The most dangerous branches are the ones that touch the edge of your roof because they can damage the protection against uplifting winds. Make sure trimming your branches is part of your pre-storm preparation routine.

Add Hurricane Clips or Bracing Straps. Hurricane clips are metal pieces that attach your roof to the sides of your house from the inside. They are best installed by a roofer, as they can be somewhat tricky to put into place properly. That said, they are one of the most secure hurricane roof protection measures you can take to make sure the wind doesn’t tear your roof away. If you don’t want to install clips, you can put some construction adhesive at points where the rafters meet the roof deck, but it may not hold as securely as the clips.  Bracing straps are a similar idea to hurricane clips – they literally tie down your roof so it doesn’t blow away.

Clean Your Gutters. As we get deeper into autumn, your gutters can get full of all sorts of debris. If your gutters become clogged, they don’t allow water to flow down properly, which can be especially problematic during a storm. A build-up of water can damage your roof, and if your roof has already sustained some damage during the storm, it can lead to flooding in your home.

Call Your Roofer – AKA The Hurricane Roof Protection Expert. There are many precautions you can take yourself, but it’s always good to have a professional roofer inspect your roof and make sure it is 100% ready for the peak of hurricane season. You definitely don’t want to deal with expensive and inconvenient roof damage!

At Greene Roofing in Brooklyn, NY, we will help you with your hurricane roof protection. Our expert roofers will work thoroughly get your roof ready for all kinds of weather. Don’t wait until it’s too late and damage has already occurred–be proactive and give us a call today!

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